Essentials of Technical Training

The Unique team-building experience tailored your both Organization and personal needs

Technical Training refers to specific training in which the hard skills the individual need to perform. It teaches the skills needed to design, develop, implement, maintain, and operate a particular technology, service or product.

What You Will Learn?

  • Build up a technical training session that meets both the professional and business needs.
  • Apply best practices to accomplish technical needs, analysis and to prioritize the technical content.
  • Create memorable and motivating technical content.
  • Create interactive technical training.
  • Implement the practical resolutions for your own technical training challenges.

Things to Know

Essentials Workshops

At Refer Me Group active participation includes but is not limited to, participating in virtual classroom activities, breakout sessions, discussions, and intersession work. Please note that using a mobile or tablet device severely limits your ability to fully and actively participate.

All sessions will be recorded and obtainable in the Learning Portal for participants throughout the program for your review.


A laptop, PC and mobile devices with Wi-Fi capability is required for both face-to-face and online programs. Using a mobile or tablet device severely limits your ability to fully and actively participate.

Boost Up Your Career- Domain Training

REFER ME GROUP provides domain fundamentals courses for project managers, business analysts, IT, development, and testing professionals. It provides these domain training courses which offer basics of business domains like Investment Banking, Payments, Capital markets, and US healthcare, Insurance, Supply Chain and many more. Domain knowledge is significant for the specialized as they interact with businesses regularly.

REFER ME GROUP offers the Domain training courses intending to give you a sturdy foundation for your future.


Banking Industry Is The Topmost Source Of Revenue For The IT Industry along with other Financial Services Industry and Insurance. Our Banking Domain Course lays the establishment for your path towards Domain Expertise. This Course covers the Overall Banking Industry Overview, Its functions and Processes.


The Healthcare Industry in the USA is one of the Largest Employers of the IT Industry. The High-Quality Standards and Patient Record Privacy necessitate Software Solutions.


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) are one of the foremost sources of Revenue for the IT Industry. An IT Professional like a Business Analyst and Project manager has Good Understanding of the Insurance Domain. Our Insurance Domain Course lays the foundation for your Path towards a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Empower Your Career via Professional Development

For the last couple of years, the educational realm is altering faster than ever keeping pace with the upgrading technologies, study curriculum as well as socio-economic needs and changes. This change is rather inevitable while educators need to alter and advancing their viewpoints, teaching method, and approach for effective student management and in making them perform.

Analyze the Benefits of Professional Training

The Refer Me Group is dedicated to helping professors develop and nurture their creativity and that of their students. The Workshop has developed a unique series of effective and simple exercises aimed at helping educators stay creative personally and professionally.

The Refer Me Group Workshop has helped thousands of professors and their students:

  • Develop creative and innovative skills that are useful in a wide range of fields, such as IT programs/training only.
  • Expand critical and different thinking and the development of new ideas.
  • Get over creative blocks, such as contest fears and writer’s block that stifle self-expression.
  • Focus and Engage each person’s innate imagination and curiosity to foster a lifelong love of learning.

Implication of Professional Development for Educators to Make Them Creative

Educators are taught great techniques of writing and storytelling workshops employing which help students to come out of their common fear to express themselves. The Refer Me Group Workshop provides creativity training, professional development, and writing classes for teachers, educators, writers, and professionals to help them reach their goals.

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