Refer Me Group Reward Points Program

Refer Me Group Presenting Reward Program For Refermians.

Please read mail for more details………..

*3 Points = 1 Rs


Rules for Refer Me Group Reward Points Program

  1.  Reward Points will be calculated.
  2.  More than 6000 Points cannot be used in single event.
  3.  Points cannot be converted into money.
  4.  Points can be converted into Refer Me Goodies.
  5. There will be 90 Reward Points if attend any Demo and continue to Workshop, this is additional to regular one.
  6. If you are referring someone in any Refer Me event then you are eligible for 20% of Reward Point from that category.
  7. 150 Reward Points to those who are older than 3 years in Group/Joined in 2013.

For any queries/suggestions please write to us at