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01-05 Courses : FEE 1000 INR06-09 Courses : FEE 1500 INR10-15 Courses : FEE 3000 INR16-20 Courses : FEE 3500 INR21-25 Courses : FEE 4000 INR26-29 Courses : FEE 4500 INR30 Courses : FEE 5000 INR (+ 5 extra courses free if you buy package of 30 courses )

Functional Automation Testing (TH* = Total Hours, TL* = Total Lectures)

Selenium-Java (Best for Automation beginner) TH*-42.5 , TL*-378Selenium with Python TH*-33 , TL*-348Selenium with Ruby Programming TH*-15.5 , TL*-217Web Application automation using Watir TH*-12 , TL*-138Robot Framework- Selenium with Python TH*-22 , TL*-223Functional Testing using QTP/ UFT TH*-2 , TL*-26Functional Automation using Katalon Studio TH*-16.5 , TL*-137Robot Framework with Java TH*-2.5 , TL*-37Automate Anything using Sikuli TH*-1 , TL*-12AngularJS Application Testing using Robot Framework TH*-5 , TL*-58Protractor : Angular JS Automation TH*-9 , TL*-110

Performance Testing (TH* = Total Hours, TL* = Total Lectures)

Basic to Expert JMeter (BeanShell) with Project case study TH*-18 , TL*-154Performance Testing using Load Runner TH*-3 , TL*-17

Programming and Scripting for Testers (TH* = Total Hours, TL* = Total Lectures)

Java Programming - Basic to Advance Level TH*-13 , TL*-134JavaScript for Software Testers TH*-3 , TL*-46Ruby Scripting for Testers TH*-7 , TL*-116Python Scripting for Testers TH*-10 , TL*-136

API Testing Course (TH* = Total Hours, TL* = Total Lectures)

Web Service testing –Soap UI -Real time Proj+Certification Prep TH*-25 , TL*-218Rest API Testing using Postman TH*-13 , TL*-125API Testing using Java (Rest Assured) TH*-16 , TL*-135API Testing using ReadyAPI TH*-7.5 , TL*-72API Testing using Python TH*-16 , TL*-166API Testing using Robot Framework TH*-5 , TL*-43

Manual Testing (TH* = Total Hours, TL* = Total Lectures)

Manual Testing Essentials TH*-13 , TL*-116SQL (Database Testing) & Unix (with Shell script) for Tester TH*-13.5 , TL*-151Unix and Shell Scripting for Testers TH*-12.5 , TL*-138Software Testing: Effective Test Case Writing & Formatting TH*-2 , TL*-30

Bug Tracking and Test Management (TH* = Total Hours, TL* = Total Lectures)

Ready to work on TestLink in 100 mins - Test Management tool TH*-1 , TL*-15Test Management using HP ALM / QC (Quality Center) TH*-1 , TL*-17Learn JIRA with Agile TH*-3.5 , TL*-33

Other Courses (TH* = Total Hours, TL* = Total Lectures)

Advance UNIX: File Processing: AWKMobile Application Automation: Calabash - Ruby - Cucumber TH*-6 , TL*-85Learn BDD with Cucumber in 100 minutes: Selenium test case TH*-3 , TL*-37End to End Integration: Selenium - Maven - Git - Jenkins TH*-1 , TL*-16Element Locators: 60 Minutes Crash Course TH*-1 , TL*-18VSTS (Azure DevOps) : Crash Course for Software Testers TH*-1 , TL*-13

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Investment Banking (Fee 2000 INR)ISTQB Foundation (Fee 1000 INR)Scrum Master (Fee 1000 INR)
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